"DJ" Danielle Martin
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Her legacy
DJs Legacy  

Well what can i say,DJ certainly made an impact on everyone that met her,She would be like a whirlwind when she came in the house would talk all the time and you just would not have a clue what she was going on about then she would go back out again and you were left wondering WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?she has certainly left a huge gap in many peoples life's

DJ loved to travel and had been to many places abroad but she loved the Carrabean where she swam with Dolphins and she said that she would always go back there some day,Dj always said when she had Finished her Child Care Course she wanted to work on cruise ships looking after children,that way she could travel more and get paid for it,sadly that was not to be.

Apart from the Huge gap DJ has left in many people's lifes,she has a bench with her name on it at the Smuggler public house where she worked part time in the kitchen,a bench at her Secondry school Filsham Valley,and the Year 10 Danielle Martin Award for Overall Improvement which is awarded every year,plus the shelter that was erected for all 5 of the victims that died in that Fatal Car Crash


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